Blueberry, oh boy, it is knock-your-socks-off good.

One of the most pleasant smelling strains, it also hits you quickly and intensely. The high is very uplifting, almost to the point of making you giggly, but doesn’t suppress your energy as much as most pure indicas.

Light, airy head high accompanied by a medium-strength body buzz. It lasts a long time and is great to help boost conversation, creativity and, just generally make you feel great. It is one of the genetic parents of the famous and much beloved Blue Dream.

It makes music sound better, food taste better and it goes great with coffee. This weed will definitely put you in a good mood without feeling sluggish.

Enjoy after a long day when you can really kick back and enjoy the effects of Blueberry. The flavor is out of this world. Sweet, smooth and tart, with a strong toasty berry undercurrent. Very nice.


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