If you are looking for a surprisingly gentle sativa that also has a relaxing side, then Matanuska Thunder Fuck is a strain for you to try!

Matanuska Thunder Fuck is named for the Matanuska-Susitna Valley in Alaska, which is revered for rich volcanic soil and intense summer storms during the growing season.

The scent is a strong skunky, piney smell with minty, leathery undertones. Matanuska’s effects tend to come on slowly and then give a strong body buzz.

The effects are unique. The experience begins with a strong sativa high, very spacey and euphoric, then migrates after a while into a very relaxed couchlocking, indica phase.

There are often giggly and/or aroused phases to the experience as well. Beware of intense munchies with this strain!

Sleep is usually easy with MTF, but it doesn’t usually force sleep. It is a fantastic pain killer and muscle relaxer as well.


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