Grown in small batches with love from seed to sale, Chemmy Jones is producing some of the highest THC testing results Colorado has ever seen (not to mention almost completely organically).

A heady cross of two high-testing, racy sativas: Chem Dawg and Casey Jones, she has a fatty, funky, fuel/diesel aroma that fills the room just by ventilating the jar.

Her high kicks off by opening up your third eye to a fast-paced creative thought process that straddles fun and overwhelming.

Stay safe with this strain, and please do not operate any dangerous machinery. Enjoy the ride.

She concludes with a weighted comedown that may make the couch cushions feel softer than usual. Her unique terpene profile creates an intense spike in mental activation that many strong sativa lovers are looking for.

Chemmy Jones is a trip on her own but can also be used atop a bowl of a different strain to add a little ‘umphf’ to your high.


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