There is a good reason that Bubblegum is a classic!

The buds are reminiscent of full, ripe fruit, almost juicy-looking with gorgeous, sparkly trichomes. When you grind the buds up, make sure you really smell it. It smells exactly like bubblegum! It’s a delicious, easy smoke, not harsh at all.

The sativa effect of Bubblegum is wonderful, it offers an energetic and agile mind-space but with a HAZE. You will definitely get those stoney eyes and that hazy, happy feeling in your body as you move around. It’s such a good strain for gaming or relaxing into a long mental project like painting or writing.

Don’t have it too close to bedtime. The mind will still be ready to move with it’s time for sleeping. However, if you’re on the search for a sativa that doesn’t trigger anxiety or paranoia, Bubblegum is just lovely!

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