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When it comes to using marijuana, the goal is to safely get the best, most productive high. You don’t want to have anxiety, so always prepare your environment and ensure you do not have to drive anywhere or participate in activities that involve judgment. 

When it comes to eating baked goods, it’s important to pay attention to edible dosage. Understanding edibles is not easy at first, as figuring out how much to take can often be an experiment, and you never know what might happen.

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Be sure to fully understand the dosage before consuming edibles.

Understanding How Edibles Work & How Long They Take To Kick In

When eating baked goods or other ingestible marijuana products, you need to ensure you start low and go slow. If you have never had a product of this kind, you may not know what to expect, and a bit too much may put you over the edge. 

Most marijuana products take anywhere from 1-2 hours to kick in, rarely do you see the full effects of the edible dosage kick in under an hour. So if you don’t feel anything, make sure not to take more until at least two hours have passed. 

Finding The Right Dose For Beginners

For beginners, understanding edibles can be like learning a new subject at school. There are many different types, including gummies, cookies, and drinks. As these are a very healthy way of enjoying marijuana, you will most likely want to try at some point.

If you have a cookie or a gummy, it is best to start with just a small portion of it rather than the whole thing. Usually, a dose of about 2.5-3mg is suitable for first-timers. So if you have a 5mg gummy, take half.

At Village Green, we value your safety and enjoyment, so contact us today if you have questions about your next experience.