Love's Oven Chocolate Chip Cookie

You have probably heard of some horror stories with people making edibles at home who don’t follow a recipe. Edibles can be very potent, especially when you aren’t paying attention to how much marijuana you are using. 

Homemade edibles can be great if you have the right recipes or guidance from a professional. Otherwise, it is better to buy your edibles from elsewhere. If you want to avoid some of the common mistakes with homemade edibles, continue reading below.

The Main Challenge to Baking Own Edibles: Potency Control

When baking edibles, you’re going to have some trouble. The main challenge is going to be potency control. People often make them way too strong or ruin the potency by baking the products at too high of a temperature. 

On the other hand, low heat will not activate the marijuana, and you will find that you waste a bunch of products. To make sure that you’re not making these mistakes, it is best to follow a recipe. Do some research and figure out how much marijuana is needed to create the butter, which is then used in the baked good. The last thing you want is to waste a good batch of marijuana on edibles you never want to eat.

Love's Oven Belgian Chocolate Peppermint Patty
Opt for pre-made edibles, instead of homemade.

Buy Edibles You Get Bigger Variety, Potency Control, Quality Control

When you buy premade edibles, you will get more potency control. These vendors have taken the time to check the quality and the potency to ensure that the amount of THC and CBD present are measurable. They can recommend an exact dosage. For example, they may say to have half a cookie or a quarter. They were also outlined in milligrams how many active compounds are in each bite.

If you’re looking for some high-quality edibles, contact Village Green today.