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Maybe you simply want a way to experience complete calm and relaxation. Other times, you may want to experience a true high. You can experience different types of high depending on what you are consuming. For example, you can receive a totally different experience when consuming cannabis flowers than edibles. Here are a few things you should know about each type and the high it offers.


There are many benefits of consuming a cannabis flower as it can help treat inflammation, pain, nausea, and many other symptoms. The type of high you receive from the cannabis will depend greatly on how it is metabolized in the body. Cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical that causes you to feel high When you smoke cannabis, the THC moves very quickly through the bloodstream and into the brain. This means that you can experience a high feeling almost instantly and it can be a best high

Of course, your dose, potency, and other factors will affect how high you can become. 


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When you ingest cannabis, the THC must travel
through your digestive system before it reaches
the bloodstream.

When you ingest cannabis, THC must first pass through the digestive system before it reaches the bloodstream. This means you must wait longer than flowers until you experience a high. However, because THC travels throughout the liver and other areas of the body, it will create a more intense feeling. 

Many users do not realize that there is some delay in feeling high when consuming edibles. Additionally, it can be difficult to accurately determine how much THC you have consumed in each bite or package. This can lead to an overdose. It is important you are aware of your dose and practice safe consuming

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