There is a lot of reasons why you might prefer flowers over any other form of cannabis. And anyone who has ever tried flowers before will know that not every kind is going to have the same effect. That is why this guide is here to help both flower novices and experienced users learn the different experiences they will have when consuming these various kinds of flowers.


These types of flowers are ideal for cutting out all of the distractions and really getting into work mode. By taking Sativa strains, you should feel slightly invigorated and will experience increases in creativity and focus as your anxiety begins to dissipate.

Common examples of Sativa flowers include Snow Cap, Blue Chem, Tangie, Blue Dream, and Lemon Creamsicle.


Sour Diesel
Sativa tends to be the preferred type of flowers for computer programmers, athletes, or anyone else who has to get into an intense work mode.

Unlike Sativa flowers, Indica strains will cause you to enter a state of relaxation. These flowers are perfect for reducing insomnia and can loosen up the whole body as opposed to the Sativa flowers, which are mainly known for affecting a person’s head.

Some common examples of Indica flowers include Gelato Cake and Screaming OG.


Unsurprisingly, Hybrid flowers are able to deliver the benefits of both strains. So you can experience a raised focus while also getting the relaxing qualities of the Indica strains.

Common examples of Hybrid flowers include Sour Sherbert and Zkittlez.

No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, you should now be able to pick out the perfect flower from our extensive flower collection containing Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. If you have questions about what flowers are going to be the right choice for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Village Green Boulder.