Lucky Charms buds closeup
Our cut of Lucky Charms is one of the most kief-covered varieties of flower that we have encountered.  It looks like the cereal of Lucky Charms – coated with powdered sugar! The buds are dense and craggy, hiding glistening pockets of trichomes just waiting to be enjoyed. We recommend smoking this one in a more solitary setting. For many people, Lucky Charms offers a very introspective thought pattern, with a relaxed, fluid mindspace. If you are smoking this one socially, don’t try to tell a story… or maybe do, it’ll be very entertaining for everyone to listen to you try to get the proper words out! This one offers a pretty giggly experience, too. Lucky Charms has a good hybrid feeling to it that allows you to view the world through a happy, relaxed lens. Do not try driving or doing any cooking involving sharp knives while enjoying Lucky Charms. A little goes a long way with this 31% THC strain! NOTE: Take a look at the “Our Menu” tab to see if this strain is available today!