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Marijuana Dispensary in Boulder

Marijuana Dispensary in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado, known for its leading edge cannabis counter culture around the world, nestled
under the famous Rocky Mountains, a perfect place to purchase either recreational or medical
supplies of cannabis.

Marijuana Dispensaries are not hard to find in this enterprising city. But to find a marijuana
dispensary that provides a full customer experience is hard to locate. A little research online and it’s
not hard to see that Village Green Society stands out from the crowd. A wide selection of top
recreational cannabis products, helpful and knowledgeable staff is a good start to selecting a
marijuana dispensary.

“We offer warm, inviting customer service and provide the finest products in this great state, which
has been the key to our success. We provide bud, edibles, topicals and various CBD products. “

Village Green Society

Located downtown in the historic district of Witter, this marijuana dispensary is also housed in an
early 1800’s home, which is easily accessible as well as has good private parking facilities. Staff are
well trained, well presented and very knowledgeable on their wide selection of products. For me, as
a recreational user, it’s very important that I get the best service possible. I do know what good bud
tastes like but when overwhelmed with good looking and affordable marijuana products over their
counter, it’s usually the staff that help me to make a decision on what to spend my hard earned
dollars on.

“Five stars for a dog friendly shop! Visited from out of town, stumbled upon the Village Green shop
while walking our dogs. What a bunch of friendly folks! They invited our furry guys inside for
some cool water and T-R-E-A-T-S! “ – Ashley Reneé

Village Green Society also has a fully comprehensive website which is easy to navigate with a
range of updated specials. Offering A grade flowers such as Purple Kush, Cherry Durban Poison,
Chem OG and a host of weekly updated strains, the variety of indica, sativa or hybrid is no
problem. Popular concentrates are also made available to the customer and some reaching into the
90% cannabinoid levels, definitely bang for your buck. Although not a medical marijuana
dispensary, they do offer many other products from edibles to CBD (Cannabidiol) products.
I’ll tell ya’ll what, these guys have the best buds I’ve had in a long while! The staff was helpful,
friendly and knowledgeable about all their products and buds. I got the Cherry Durban Poison and
was not disappointed at all! Sassy 420

Personally, Village Green Society is a one stop shop for all my recreational marijuana requirements.
My customer experience has always been excellent and I would suggest that you give them a try.
All you need is to be 21+ with valid identification and a helpful staff member will assist you with
all your cannabis needs. You won’t be disappointed at this marijuana dispensary.


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