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Snowcap is a sativa that has people coming back for ounce after ounce! Once you try this highly tasty form of “motivation weed,” you’re going to be singing its praises, too.

This strain is a favorite among the hikers, skiers, and computer programmers in town. It goes very nicely with caffeine in the morning for a wake and bake experience. Be warned, though, this wake and bake is going to be productive! We have reports of homework getting done, bills getting paid, houses being cleaned!

The buds have the tendency to be enormous, dense, and filled with a beautiful pine and lemon aroma. Snowcap smells like walking into a deep forest and breathing the air. Enjoy!

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Lucky Charms

Our cut of Lucky Charms is one of the most kief-covered varieties of flower that we have encountered.  It looks like the cereal of Lucky Charms – coated with powdered sugar! The buds are dense and craggy, hiding glistening pockets of trichomes just waiting to be enjoyed.

We recommend smoking this one in a more solitary setting. For many people, Lucky Charms offers a very introspective thought pattern, with a relaxed, fluid mindspace. If you are smoking this one socially, don’t try to tell a story… or maybe do, it’ll be very entertaining for everyone to listen to you try to get the proper words out!

This one offers a pretty giggly experience, too. Lucky Charms has a good hybrid feeling to it that allows you to view the world through a happy, relaxed lens.

Do not try driving or doing any cooking involving sharp knives while enjoying Lucky Charms. A little goes a long way with this 31% THC strain!

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There is a good reason that Bubblegum is a classic!

The buds are reminiscent of full, ripe fruit, almost juicy-looking with gorgeous, sparkly trichomes. When you grind the buds up, make sure you really smell it. It smells exactly like bubblegum! It’s a delicious, easy smoke, not harsh at all.

The sativa effect of Bubblegum is wonderful, it offers an energetic and agile mind-space but with a HAZE. You will definitely get those stoney eyes and that hazy, happy feeling in your body as you move around. It’s such a good strain for gaming or relaxing into a long mental project like painting or writing.

Don’t have it too close to bedtime. The mind will still be ready to move with it’s time for sleeping. However, if you’re on the search for a sativa that doesn’t trigger anxiety or paranoia, Bubblegum is just lovely!

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Pura Vida

The pure life! This is it!

Pura Vida is a top shelf indica dominant hybrid that will make you let out a deep breath and feel that all is right in the world. This strain has very different effects when smoked in a solitary setting versus socially.

In a social setting, this strain is one that will solve arguments, get the mind moving into creative spaces, and enhance conversation flow.

In a solitary setting, make sure you’re doing something visual. After a little while, you’ll start to notice things you never saw before in that movie or you’ll fall so deeply in love with that video game designer for creating such gorgeous scenery…

Pura Vida is one of the most socially agile and sensory indicas that we have experienced. Such a treat. Enjoy!


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Like taking a deep breath, Cannatonic is a total reset for your body and mind.

There is a fresh, crisp scent to the buds themselves and a sweet, almost minty flavor when smoked.

Delicious, fun, and relaxing. This strain made us want to hug everyone.

Since Cannatonic is a CBD strain, you’ll find stress relief in every nug!


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Chocolope is the sweetest form of energy around. It’s amazing to smoke a bowl of this early in the day and then go to the gym or do any sort of workout directly afterward. If you’re a person who dislikes working out, this might actually change your mind about it!

The high has a very euphoric and flowing physical sensation with a mood boosting mental effect.  The buds of Chocolope actually do have a chocolatey, root beer scent.

Chocolope’s growth pattern features rounded, fluffy nugs that are almost sparkly with trichomes. It’s a great genetic cross of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze.

This is another sativa that pairs very nicely with coffee or any variety of caffeine in the morning.


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