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Snow Cone

Snow Cone is the 4th phenotype of our strain Snow Cap.

Similar to her sister, Snow Cone is a sativa that offers cerebral activation, and encourages creativity and laughter.

Snow Cone’s high, however, is less focused and slightly hazier than Snow Cap’s clarity, and therefore a better choice for a party or a night out.

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Chemmy Jones

Grown in small batches with love from seed to sale, Chemmy Jones is producing some of the highest THC testing results Colorado has ever seen (not to mention almost completely organically).

A heady cross of two high-testing, racy sativas: Chem Dawg and Casey Jones, she has a fatty, funky, fuel/diesel aroma that fills the room just by ventilating the jar.

Her high kicks off by opening up your third eye to a fast-paced creative thought process that straddles fun and overwhelming.

Stay safe with this strain, and please do not operate any dangerous machinery. Enjoy the ride.

She concludes with a weighted comedown that may make the couch cushions feel softer than usual. Her unique terpene profile creates an intense spike in mental activation that many strong sativa lovers are looking for.

Chemmy Jones is a trip on her own but can also be used atop a bowl of a different strain to add a little ‘umphf’ to your high.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a classic and beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Mildly stimulating, yet also deeply relaxing, Blue Dream really just has it all packed into a colorful, little nug!

From the aroma of the bud all the way down to the flavor as it burns, this strain was delicious through and through. A very potent, sweet blueberry aroma comes off of this flower and follows with a light citrus back end. The smoke had lots of spice and earthy notes.

The high is very giggly, yet very easy to strike a clear-headed, creative conversation with anyone. This strain is best for an eventful night on the town but can most definitely be great for any time of the day.

If you’re feeling grouchy, this strain with fix your whole day with its mood-boosting properties!

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Lemon Cap

Gorgeous, gigantic nugs covered in glittering trichomes!

Lemon scent with spicy undertones, a cross between Lemon Skunk and Snow Cap.

Heightened body consciousness with a hazy mind. Muscles feel amazing. Has been known to provide strong aphrodisiac effects for women.

Lemon Cap is great for a hike!

Incredible Power

Incredible Power is a THC indica/CBD blend with a sweet and earthy scent.

The THC percentage is lower than most strains and the CBD percentage is usually about equal to the THC.

Smoking Incredible Power creates a mild high (feels almost like a glass of wine) and takes the weight of the day off of your shoulders.  It is deeply relaxing and eases any pains or anxieties you may have. It is great for starters and excellent to mix with other strains when you want a stronger high with that CBD relief.

Cotton Candy Kush

Cotton Candy Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with an earthy scent and delicious taste.

It offers a floaty, tingly body buzz along with a relaxing head high. As an indica hybrid, it’s more on the mellow side but not too sedative.

It’s perfect for an after-work smoke whether you’re planning a night on the town or spending a quiet evening at home.

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