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Chemmy Jones (Sativa)



Chemmy Jones is our highest testing THC flower, grown in small batches by the award-winning grow In The Flow. No non-organic materials were used in any part of the cultivation of In The Flow buds – these folks are renowned for the love and care they put into their work. Chemmy Jones is a genetic cross of Casey Jones and the original Chem Dawg. This is “adventure weed” for sure. You never know where Chemmy will take you! Its extreme potency is at first masked by the smoothness of the smoke, but you will be left with one of the most stony, cerebral, altering strains you’ve ever tried. Consistent excellence.

Prices before tax/after tax:

  • Gram: $20.09/$25
  • Eighth (3.50 g): $56.25/$70
  • Quarter (7 g): $104.47/$130
  • Half Oz. (14 g): $168.75/$210
  • Ounce (28 g): $265.18/$330