Escape Artists Tangerine 1:1 Breath Strips (CBD & THC)



Listerine-style fruit flavored breath strips for discreet, fresh, stress-relieving experiences. The CBD infusion makes this edible one of the most relaxing, euphoric, rapid onset options available on the market. Easily fits in small pockets, purses, or hiking backpacks – sneaky! One of our best selling edibles in stock.

  • 100 mg THC per package, 10 mg THC per strip
  • 100 mg CBD per package, 10 mg CBD per strip
  • Hybrid THC
  • Tangerine flavor
  • Dissolves under tongue or next to gum line
  • 5 mg perforation for micro-dosing option
  • Notable effects can occur in as little as 5 minutes!