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Wedding Cake (Indica)



This strain grew in little popcorn-sized nugs, so we’ve put it on sale for you!

Wedding Cake is a famous strain for being served at many Colorado wedding parties and music events. It’s the perfect social indica, great for taking the stress away while maintaining your social agility. The effects of this strain are potent, offering a warmly creative mind-space and a relaxed body high. It’s testing at 19% THC, with dark green sparkly nugs.

Prices before tax/after tax: 

  • Gram: $9.64/$12
  • Eighth (3.50 g): $20.08/$25
  • Quarter (7 g): $36.16/$45
  • Half Oz. (14 g): $64.28/$80
  • Ounce (28 g): $96.42/$120