When it comes to buying your weed and cannabis accessories, you have a lot of options on hand to choose from. However, we recommend that you think twice about working with the mega-companies or large online distributors, and consider meeting up with your local dispensary instead. There are a lot of benefits that will ripple out to the local area, but you may not realize this unless you get involved.

Local Cares About The Community

One major benefit of local businesses is that being a part the community means that they are naturally invested in the community. This means not only upgraded customer service (the idea of everyone knowing your name), but also community support. Chances are that you’re going to see your local dispensary doing a lot to support the community, whether it’s appearing at local events, contributing to local charities, or any other way they can help their customer base.

Local Tries To Make The Cana-Industry More Eco-Friendly

Killer Skunk Berry Bud Closeup
Local dispensaries support the community and environment.

While supporting the local community is a great asset, we should also talk about the impact on the environment. Weed, just like any other crop, is going to have an environmental impact, and the larger the business, the larger it is. However, your local dispensary has the ability to focus on eco-friendly weed.

Eco-friendly weed, in this case, is generally going to be sourced from smaller farms that go to greater efforts to use sustainable farming practices. This can extend from how they source their plant food to reducing any pesticides they may use. The definition may vary from grower to grower, so be sure to ask if you see this label.

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