Getting high is great to put you in a pleasant or relaxed state, but chances are you want things to stay productive during this time, also. Sitting back with some snacks and watching your favorite show isn’t a bad use of your time, but those aren’t the only options on the table, either. Here are some potential alternatives.

Stardust Funk
Cooking with weed is a surprisingly viable option.

Artsy Things

Altered states have been a classic muse for people to indulge their artistic side for centuries, and even if your work isn’t ready for the gallery, you can stall have a good time coloring and painting. There are a few ways you can go about this, from buying your own supplies and holding onto them when you get high or just incorporating it into your routine if you’re a more artsy type anyway. If you’re not the type of person that particularly is interested in painting, you can always look into something like an adult coloring book. These are great for indulging your artistic side without the additional pressure.

Cleaning And Cooking

Drawing or coloring may be some of the classic conventional methods to indulge your creative side, but taking things to the kitchen isn’t a bad idea as well. Whether you want to follow a recipe to the letter or try to experiment, cooking is only going to make things better while you’re high. Maybe make some of your own favorite snacks rather than going to the grocery store. You can also take things to the next level by cooking weed yourself as well. There are a lot of options and products/recipes to work with.

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