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Wanting to eat, smoke, drink, vape, or absorb cannabis for the first time but not sure what to expect? There is still quite a lot of stigma attached to the topic of smoking pot, especially for first time pot smokers. As such, there are no clear guidelines or regulations. We have accumulated a list of tips and tricks for you to consider before trying pot for the first time.

Clear Your Schedule

If you’re not entirely sure how your body will react to pot, it is better to clear your schedule so that you can take your time with it. Try to ensure that your first time is somewhere you feel comfortable, and somewhere you don’t have to drive to or from while under the influence. 

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Prepare for What’s to Come

Let go of the idea that you are smoking pot to get high. Before you have your first cannabis experience, you must mentally prepare yourself to let go of any expectations. You must be open to the possibility of new outcomes. Everybody reacts to cannabis differently. It is possible that your first time might overwhelm you, and as such, you must prepare yourself mentally to be relaxed. You can do this by lying down and doing breathing exercises, taking a hot shower, eating your comfort food, and drinking lots of water. 

Don’t Mix With Alcohol 

Crossfading is when you mix pot with alcohol, and it is not advisable at all. It can lead to major health problems down the line. If you enjoy alcohol, make sure you’re not mixing it with pot-smoking, and vice versa! 

Start With a Low Dose and See How You Feel 

If this is your first time, try a dose of 5 mg or less. If it is a case of edibles, you must be mindful that they take longer than inhalation to onset. This means that you might take more than you need just because you think it is not working, even though it is. We can assure you that the potency of it will hit you later. 

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