Mary Jane's Massage Oil

As marijuana becomes legal in more places worldwide, manufacturers and small businesses are coming up with new and exciting ways to use the product. Marijuana topicals are one of these ways. Rather than smoking or eating your marijuana, you can put it onto your skin and receive many different benefits. 

If you have yet to try THC topicals, you need to get on board with this trend. Ensure that you’re getting all of your marijuana supplies from a reputable source so that you don’t have to deal with low-quality products.

There Used to Only Be One Way to Consume Marijuana – to Smoke It

Smoking marijuana used to be the only way to consume the medicinal herb. But now there are many new ways. For example, eating marijuana is very common as many places sell edible products like brownies and gummies. Furthermore, vaping marijuana became another common way to consume the product. 

Now, however, there are topicals. CBD topicals and THC topicals are a revolutionary new step in the marijuana ladder. These topicals can help reduce muscle pain, smooth out skin, and reduce inflammation.

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THC topicals are now a staple of our store.

Types of THC and CBD Topicals 

There are many types of THC topicals and CBD topicals. They come in the form of creams, lotions, ointments, and bath products. Creams are great because they can target one part of your body, like the face. 

Lotion and ointments are great for more extensive parts of the body that need more specific care, whether it is spot treatment or muscle relaxation. Some of the bath products like bath bombs and oils will be great for total body relaxation and healing. 

At Village Green, we have a variety of marijuana topicals. From THC topicals to CBD topicals, we have it all. Try marijuana in this new and exciting way with Village Green. Contact us today.