For the first time since 2020, many of us will be reuniting with our families for the holidays this year. It might take more than luck and positive thinking to get through those dinner table debates this time around — you can use weed to manage holiday stress and anxiety to keep your cool when old rivalries between uncles, cousins, aunts, and stepsiblings start playing out in front of the cozy living room fireplace once again.

How to Use Weed to Manage Holiday Stress and Anxiety

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Using Weed to Manage Holiday Stress and Anxiety.

You may be feeling extra pressure to get the holidays right this year to make up for the isolation and mayhem of 2020. You can strategically use weed as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety feelings when the pressure is on. Consider smoking or eating a low THC strain of weed to take the edge off of particularly stressful holiday situations. Because high THC content is sometimes associated with increased anxiety for some people, you’ll want to choose a product that’s designed for your intended use. An experienced budtender can help you with this.

Choosing Between Weed and CBD Products to Cope with Holiday Stress and Anxiety

The last thing you want is to purchase a product without knowing too much about it and making the holidays worse when you need relief the most. If it’s your first time using cannabis to deal with stress and anxiety, or you have some concerns about its psychedelic properties and effects, you can choose a CBD product to alleviate your symptoms. THC-free CBD oils and other products can be used instead of traditional cannabis if you have any concerns about unintended side effects. And if you are interested in trying weed, the helpful staff at Village Green Society can provide useful information about beginner strains and a variety of products like edibles, oils, and flowers.

Make the most out of this holiday season — browse the wide selection of weed and CBD products that Village Green Society has to offer to help you cope when family tensions get out of hand.