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As more and more places begin to legalize THC products, a lot of people who have never tried it due to the legal status are considering giving it a chance. Many of them are nervous about trying it for the first time, but the strongest tool against anxiety is often knowledge. If you’re curious about the effects of THC products, then look no further. 

What Should I Expect the First Time?

People have a wide variety of experiences when partaking in THC. This can depend on the strain, the individual’s natural body chemistry, and the amount ingested. However, there are some common effects. Many people experience a sense of relaxation or happiness when they ingest THC. Depending on the individual, they may also experience feelings of hunger or laughter, and potentially a sense of dry mouth. A first-timer should experience the effects of THC products somewhere they feel safe, with people they trust. They should also keep some food and drink handy and maybe pick out some entertainment beforehand.

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Is Sativa or Indica more your speed?

Choose the Type That Suits Your Needs

There are two commonly discussed strains and then a variety of hybrids. Indica is a strain that produces feelings of relaxation and euphoria. People who ingest Indica products are liable to find themselves feeling happy and eventually sleepy. They’re commonly used for relaxation at the end of a day or on the weekend. On the other hand, Sativa can create an energizing effect on your body. They’re also great for reducing anxiety or stress and are the strain commonly ingested during daytime, or when undertaking a more physical task. There are also hybrid strains that provide something in between.

When you set out to enjoy cannabis, it’s important to know the effects of THC products. You can find more information on our website to help you get started. We hope you enjoy!