What exactly is hash? Hash can come in a variety of different consistencies, but at its most basic, it’s basically cannabis trimmings that have been compressed into one solid form. It’s most commonly known as hashish, which refers to the concentrated resin glands obtained from the cannabis plant, but there are other types of hash on the market as well. 

Types of Hash

There are three primary types of hash: hand-rubbed, pressed, and water-filtered. Hand-rubbed hash is, as you might have guessed, rubbed out of a nug or chunk. Pressed hash refers to compressed kief that’s been broken down by various methods. Lastly, water-filtered hash refers to cannabis flower that has gone through some form of filtration process before it becomes hash.

Preparing Hash For Use

Before you smoke hash, it needs to be ground into a powder so that it can burn. The best way to do that is with a metal grinder, but you can also crush it by rubbing it between your fingers or by breaking a piece up against another hard surface. You’ll want to do as little grinding as possible when preparing hash for use, because grinded hash loses some of its potency.

Rolling a Joint to Smoke Hash

Greenery Hash Factory Caviar Joint

If you’re in a place where marijuana isn’t legalized, chances are you don’t have access to bongs or water pipes. This means that if you want to smoke your hash, it might have to be done a bit differently. 

Tips for Smoking Hash

As with any marijuana product, it’s important to choose your hash carefully. You’ll have a better experience if you smoke high-quality hash that has been properly cured. Do some research online or check out local cannabis dispensaries (in states where they are legal) for recommendations on what kind of hash to purchase.
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