First time marijuana shopping

There’s more to cannabis culture than just simply “knowing your weed”. While it’s important to know strains and scents, what keeps consumers coming to any dispensary is a bond formed through the knowledge and trust of their budtenders.

It’s not just about being the expert. People genuinely like conversing about their lifestyle and what benefits (health or otherwise) marijuana brings to their everyday life. That personal connection, matched with the right staff and an inviting atmosphere can really factor into what turns someone’s first visit into a trusted relationship with their local spot. With that being said, here’s what separates a good Denver medical marijuana dispensary from a great one.

Good Budtenders  

A great budtender needs to know the ins and outs of the products that they offer.

Good budtenders need to know how to pair people’s moods with the right buds and understand what a person wants from the experience. Not every Sativa is as boisterous as Blue Dream and a more calming indica like Kosher Kush may not be suited for everyone. Does this person like gummies? Are they more into oils?

An understanding of simple behaviors can help determine dosage, preferences, and what elevates or evens out certain feelings in our bodies. A good rapport requires open dialogue and lots of questions. 

Customer Service And Comfortable Shopping 

Whether it’s a physical space or online store, accessible options for shopping is key. This means having a clear, descriptive menu that reads with ease, having efficient pick-up and delivery, and making good business hours. Now more than ever, your online presence has to be just as inviting as your storefront. Covid-19 has made customer service even more important, especially with social distancing being a priority. Offering as much information online and the ability to inquire about products by phone makes in-person shopping quick and easy, without sacrificing customer care. 

Your local Denver medical marijuana dispensary wants to offer you a safe shopping experience during the pandemic. Get to know us online, or come visit us at Village Green. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us