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No matter what type of high you’re looking for, there are ways to consume cannabis that will give you the best high you’re after. If you’re looking to relax and unwind with friends, try some infused candles or flowers in your bong or pipe. If edibles are more your thing, look into any of the wide range of cannabis-infused foods like brownies, cookies, muffins, and more at Village Green Society. There are many different ways of safe consuming marijuana to get the experience you are looking for.

High From Flowers

Different ways to consume cannabis could give you the best high you’re after.

If the person smoking is doing so because they are looking to get high, then they are likely not using flowers to do so. Flowers have a much milder psychoactive effect and often produce less of a stoned feeling than smoking wax or buds as an alternative to getting high. Additionally, flowers may be more affordable and easier to find if people don’t want to buy their weed illegally. However, some say that flower highs can be more difficult to come down from than other highs, which can lead people who use them frequently to experience problems with their sleep patterns. Flowers are one of the easiest ways to consume cannabis but can also be one of the most expensive, depending on where you live and what type of cannabis flower you buy.

High From Wax

The high from smoking wax is sometimes preferred to that of flower because it may be stronger and last longer, depending on its strength and purity. Some people will use hemp twigs as a kind of filter or mouthpiece, but it may affect the taste and harshness of the hit. If you don’t like the taste, then wax pens are your go-to here. They are incredibly easy to use and allow you to travel around without creating a mess, unlike bowls or blunts with combustible materials. One drawback is that it can be hard to gauge how strong each hit will be due to the variable nature of vaping vs. other means of consumption. When you take a hit from the flame, never inhale too deeply; this can create unpleasant experiences with accidentally taking too deep of a breath in this respect! 

Highs From Edibles

Do you want to feel calm and relaxed or energized and motivated? There are many types of highs to choose from, and different highs feel different depending on what you’re consuming. If we are talking about edibles, it largely depends on how potent the edible is, so do your research before buying if that matters to you!.