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When you’re buying marijuana, consider buying locally sourced marijuana. Just like with buying any product, buying local has many benefits, both for your community and on a global scale. Here’s how you can support your community while getting a great product at the same time. 

Buy Boulder-Produced, Locally Sourced Marijuana

Here at Village Green, we purchase and sell marijuana products made right here in Boulder. The varieties are endless; from herbs to edibles to topicals, Boulder makes them all. By purchasing from our local producers and suppliers, we’re supporting our local community and getting quality locally sourced marijuana products at the same time. This is our way of showing our community pride. 

What are some other benefits? By buying locally sourced marijuana, we can keep a closer eye on the supply chain. We can ensure that we’re sourcing our marijuana from sellers who care about the quality of their products and that they care about the local community as much as we do. 

Buy locally sourced marijuana, it's more environmentally friendly
Buying local has positive effects on the environment.

Buy Local, Save the World

Buying marijuana locally doesn’t just benefit your immediate community. Buying local has effects that spread out to the rest of the world. Locally sourced marijuana has a smaller carbon footprint, which reduces the negatives impact you’ll have on the environment. 

Locally sourced marijuana also doesn’t have to travel far, which cuts down on transportation pollution. With transportation accounting for so much of America’s carbon pollution, this is just one small way we can contribute to the solution for this issue. 

Doing something as small as buying local helps both your community and the world. It’s an easy way to show pride in your local community while getting a quality product at the same time. Contact us at Village Green to find out how buying locally sourced marijuana is the best choice for you, the community, and the world.