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VGS Loves Local

Boulder's landscape

We are a small, independent cannabis shop with a focus on our local community.

We always strive to carry a large selection of local, Boulder-sourced products from top-quality companies. When you shop at The Village Green Society, be proud! You are supporting local businesses and purchasing the best the area has to offer.

We are on a mission to make our corner of the cannabis industry as environmentally friendly as possible.

Instead of throwing away your plastic cannabis containers, set them aside to recycle at The Village Green Society!

We are working with the organization Green for Green. These are some excellent folks working to keep Colorado’s natural landscape as pristine as it can be by raising money to support the parks while promoting recycling initiatives in the flower industry.

We give them our containers and cannabis-related plastics and they clean and re-circulate them back into the cannabis industry locally. Let’s work together to set the standard for sustainability in this budding industry!