We are a small, independent cannabis shop with a focus on our local community.

We always strive to carry a large selection of local, Boulder-sourced products from top-quality companies. When you shop at The Village Green Society, be proud! You are supporting local businesses and purchasing the best the area has to offer.

Our Clients Say…

Great place! Really nice people, they really care about quality and are very knowledgeable and had great suggestions along with exactly what I had in mind. Still doing deli style, you see what you get, it’s great. Will definitely be back next time I am in town!

Budmandave, Leafly Reviewer

Awesome staff. Great bud and edible selection. New rewards program is making this place even sweeter. My go to Boulder dispensary.

Caleb J., Colorado Pot Guide Reviewer

Wonderful dispensary, good and knowledgeable budtenders, great selection, reasonably priced, and not too crowded. Hands down a 5 star experience.

flannel, Leafly Reviewer

Love this store, very friendly and helpful people.

Kirkeeps, Leafly Reviewer

Warm greetings, terrific discretion and knowledgeable. Thank you VGS

cannacoffee, Leafly Reviewer

Visiting from overseas, loved the retro homey feel along with great service. Preferred that everything was on display, nice selection of edibles. Thank you, I’ll be back!

Sarah L., Colorado Pot Guide Reviewer

Super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate staff really set this place apart from the rest.

Michael K., Colorado Pot Guide Reviewer

Amazing customer service, best place I’ve been in the area by far. A must stop in for future trips. Snow Cap is amazing(seasonal).

The Wig of Dub, Colorado Pot Guide Reviewer

Hands down, best around.

Five stars all around. I’ve tried ones close to home and have always been disappointed. I keep returning to The Village Green for the staff, quality and price. Last time I was in I thanked them for their service. Not something I’m used to doing..

i0ovo0i, Weedmaps Reviewer

Super duper helpful staff, knowledgeable and awesome to work with. Top quality strains with obviously loved and cared for buds. I would so rather go to a “Mom and Pop” place like this than one of the “franchises!” Awesome prices, too!

tinyhouse22, Leafly Reviewer

Just a great dispensary all around.

Wonderful customer service, great selection, high quality products. The non-sale items are priced pretty much the same as most other dispensaries in the area, but very good quality. They always have a good selection of shake/discounted items as well. The budtenders are very knowledgeable about their product, too, and never hesitate to give me an awesome suggestion on what to buy.

AmberNirvana, Weedmaps Reviewer

Thank you VGS!

Very helpful and friendly staff. I would highly, no pun intended, recommend Village Green Society.

YoungAlice, Weedmaps Reviewer

Very accommodating!

Stopped here last May hoping to find “moonrocks.” Didn’t have any in stock, but the nice (young redhead) budtender took the time to look at several of the waxes, and we did come up with one that while not the name brand, fit the bill. Also was curious about live resin and bought some, very much enjoyed. Will definitely make another visit.

OKIOU1-2, Weedmaps Reviewer

It’s great to see the same great staff and more products are still here. Located in a beautiful neighborhood makes shopping here like walking to a friend’s house. Never a wait and great flower and edibles. Thanks VGS!

beach98, Weedmaps Reviewer

5 stars all around!! 😀

I’ll tell ya’ll what, these guys have the best buds I’ve had in a long while! The staff was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about all their products and buds. I got the Cherry Durban Poison and was not disappointed at all! The high was exactly what I needed to mellow out after a long 4th of July 😉 Thank you all for a great experience!! I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!!

Sassy_420, Weedmaps Reviewer

First time ever in a dispensary and it was the perfect experience. I was in town on business and was staying a couple blocks away and figured, hey why not…

The woman at the counter was incredibly helpful, steered me to exactly what I was looking for and I’ll definitely return the next time I’m in Boulder.

Iman J. , Yelp Reviewer

Extremely friendly, helpful bud-tenders that actually take their time to focus on your specific needs and questions. I never feel rushed through and all of my questions are addressed with care. The house that it’s in is also very cozy and cute!

Stop in for the whole experience and good flower selections!

Shannon H., Yelp Reviewer

We are on a mission to make our corner of the cannabis industry as environmentally friendly as possible.

Instead of throwing away your plastic cannabis containers, set them aside to recycle at The Village Green Society!

We are working with the organization Green for Green. These are some excellent folks working to keep Colorado’s natural landscape as pristine as it can be by raising money to support the parks while promoting recycling initiatives in the flower industry.

We give them our containers and cannabis-related plastics and they clean and re-circulate them back into the cannabis industry locally. Let’s work together to set the standard for sustainability in this budding industry!