Mary Jane's Massage Oil

Topicals Are the Fourth Way to “Consume” Marijuana

As marijuana becomes legal in more places worldwide, manufacturers and small businesses are coming up with new and exciting ways to use the product. Marijuana topicals are one of these ways. Rather
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Purple Sherbert

Must-Have Weed Tools and Accessories

Are you looking to get your hands on some of the best must-have weed accessories and tools? You can elevate your marijuana experience by investing in high-quality cannabis accessories. With the right accessory,
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Stardust Funk

Shop Locally Sourced Edibles and High-Quality Cannabis Products in Downtown Boulder

Getting high-quality marijuana products doesn’t need to be complicated. In the heart of downtown Boulder, you can buy locally-sourced edibles and high-quality products. There’s no need to pay for shipping
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Love's Oven Chocolate Chip Cookie

Common Mistakes When Baking Homemade Edibles

You have probably heard of some horror stories with people making edibles at home who don’t follow a recipe. Edibles can be very potent, especially when you aren’t paying attention
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The Different Highs You Get From Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

When perusing the various marijuana strains available, you may be fraught with a decision. Should you choose an Indica? A hybrid? Or should you go with the Sativa your friend
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So You’re Thinking About Growing Weed for Personal Use

Around the world, the laws for possessing and growing weed are changing. In countries like Canada, weed has become legal, with many shops now opening in big and small cities throughout the
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Stardust Funk

How to Properly Store Your Weed

Taking care of your weed is essential. If you don’t have somewhere to store it that is airtight and safe from the elements, it can become contaminated, which is not
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Mob Boss

CBD Can Ease Your Pandemic Anxiety

During the pandemic, there has been a surge of stress and anxious feelings. People are isolated and unable to go through their regular routine. Over time this can make people
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Understanding the Difference Between THC and CBD

Marijuana is an enticing product, but if you don’t fully know what it does or have information about its components, you may not be using it the right way. When
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