Cannabis flower
Of Chemmy Jones fame, the small-batch boutique grower In The Flow has done it again with this award winning strain! Glue is a cross of Chem’s Sister and Sour Dub, the former being one of the original Chemdawg seeds and the latter being a clone-only Sour Diesel cross. The frosty, sparkly, pastel green nugs and the dewey, slightly sour taste and smell resemble the grass on a cloudy winter morning. Sounds like a day to stay in and get cozy! This strain is best enjoyed in a comfy couch, tons of blankets, and a warm beverage. It takes a little longer to set in, so use that time to gather all your snacks and prepare for a season-long binge session. The euphoric, social head high paired with the stony couchlock of the body will make you question your habit of standing up.   NOTE: Take a look at the “Our Menu” tab to see if this strain is available today!