Some studies claim THC can boost creativity.

Using THC for creativity has long been a controversial subject all over the world. However, in recent years studies have been done that allude to the fact that it could positively affect divergent thinking, responsible for creating ideas and thinking outside of the box. If you are thinking about trying this technique to enhance your creative tendencies, it is best to start low and go slow.

Many long-time users of marijuana will tell you that they experience vast differences in their mood when they use THC in a recreational setting. This change in thinking can often promote relaxation making your mind more at ease, which is likely to cause you to think more creatively as you will not be hindered by stress.

If using THC for creativity, make sure to start slow.
If using THC for creativity, make sure to start slow.

Finding & Examples

A study done by Jason Talise at Berkley University found that people who consumed marijuana had more blood flowing to their frontal lobe. While many years ago, his research was repeated, and the same results were found. More blood flow to the front lobe is a similar effect when someone is doing a task that requires creative thinking.

There have been various studies on the subject, and there is a widely accepted idea that THC enhances creativity. It is essential to be careful when using because many people can overdo it, in which case it can lose some of its therapeutic effects.

How To Consume & The Best Way To Enhance Creative Thought

There are many ways to use THC for recreational purposes. You can smoke it in a joint or use a pipe or water bong. However, more people are looking for healthier ways to consume it that will still provide them with the same effects. You can now find available various edible products and ingestible oils easy to consume.

Extracts and distillates can be put into a vaporizer to produce a long and mellow high, which could enhance your creative thinking. The best way to determine the best method for yourself is to try them out. Over time, you will see which methods provide you with a creative boost and those that do not.

Tailoring your setting to support creative thinking, like having art supplies around and relaxing music, can help elevate the experience.

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