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Taking care of your weed is essential. If you don’t have somewhere to store it that is airtight and safe from the elements, it can become contaminated, which is not safe to use. As you will be putting it into your body, you need to be extremely careful that it is in the best condition possible. Many people often don’t know how to store their weed properly and have to buy more because their stash goes bad.

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The right storage spot will keep your weed fresh for longer.

Tips to Storing Your Weed for Best Flavor and Potency

When it comes to weed storageyou should not be leaving it out in the open, where sunlight can quickly dry it out. The sunlight can also make the weed less potent as it deteriorates the trichomes in marijuana. Similarly, you should also keep it somewhere cool and dark. If you have a cupboard where you keep spices that is already dark, this might be the best place for weed storage.

You can also choose to purchase a box that is just for your marijuana. You can keep this in a dark cupboard away from any light or temperature fluctuation. Once you have a good spot, try and keep it in here even after you have used it so that it stays as potent as possible.

Importance of Temperature and Humidity Control

The active compounds in marijuana are activated when heated. As the substance is temperature-sensitive, you need to consider this when figuring out the best weed storage location. It would help if you never put it somewhere where the temperature is changing all the time, like near a drafty window or air vent.

Additionally, you want it to stay in a nice dry place without any humidity. When your weed becomes humid, mold can grow, in which case it becomes unusable.

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