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As recreational cannabis use becomes more popular, ensure that everyone is practicing safe consuming is important as well. If someone takes a product with more THC than anticipated, they could have a negative experience. At the same time, though, people want to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. As a result, honing in on an ideal THC level is a good idea for a consumer.

How Much THC Is In Our Products

At Village Green, our selection of THC ranges runs the gamut. You can purchase CBD products that have no THC at all, or purchase gummies and vape cartridges that have even higher amounts. Which one you decide to go with is ultimately up to you, but whether you buy in person or online, you can ask our experienced staff for a recommendation.

Beginner Level vs. Experienced Level

So, with this in mind, what’s the ideal level of THC that you should be looking for? This is largely based off of tolerance. A cannabis newbie can feel effects with generally very little THC, so it’s recommended that you begin with the lowest amount you can get from your shop of choice. This way, you can start using it and gauge what your tolerance/preference is, moving ahead appropriately. To give you an idea, 5% to 7% THC is where a lot of the popular beginner strains are. Others are CBD-dominant, and don’t give the same type of high as a conventional THC-dominant strain. However, as we see strains going higher and higher, you can see percentages around 30% and up. These are generally premium options that are quite expensive by comparison, and should only be tried by those with lots of experience.

Black Cherry OG
Make sure you’re mindful of THC.

Whatever your THC recreational preferences are, we have you covered at Village Green. You can take a look at our daily menu online, or feel free to visit us in person. You can contact us if you have any additional questions.